Community update 1.0.5 released!

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Version 1.0.5 is an update of Community and includes:

  • Better decimation and user control of decimation during mesh export (VEXM)
  • Fix for error in revolving some closed polylines (VR)
  • Fix for bad bounding box and clipped rendering
  • Correction for objects dropping to 0,0 in the WCS on creation
  • Fix for bad behavior by canal primitives (VCA)
  • Moving grips updates bounding box correctly

Community 1.0 released!

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Symvol for Rhino - Community version is officially available for purchase at:

Version 1.0 of Community includes:
Fast rendering and export
Unlimited modeling
Official support
Complete set of tutorials and Quick Start Guide
Invites to attend online and in person Howto Symvol seminars
Free upgrades for a year
Upgrade path to our Pro version and other products as they become available

For a complete comparison between Maker and Community and up coming products see the comparison chart at

Version 1.1 of Maker is now available

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Existing users can now get the 1.1 update here:

New users will receive 1.1 when they request Symvol for Rhino:

Version 1.1 release includes:

  • Use of commands inline on any node (not only top level)
  • users can now add and remove operations at any level of the tree
  • vVolume command added
  • users can now calculate volume of any object to desired resolution (similar to Rhino's volume command)
  • vArray has been updated with new interface and advanced command options
  • grips are now available for GUI modification
  • added dialog switch "logical/spread"
  • it is now possible to make "shear" arrays
  • vTile now prompts the user for a rotatable plane that defines the orientation of the tiling effect
  • in order to have the unit cell/bounding box drawn/entered in the plane, Rhino limits the base of the box to the plane
  • Aliases are no longer hard coded but added to Rhino's aliases during installation
  • warning is given if an alias is taken
  • User control of vGrow by specification of a point (select no boundary and filter "on")

Additional feature updates and fixes:

  • Node visibility setting are now transferred after operations
  • vArray no longer provides cutting planes, unless "Push Contour Planes" is specifically turned on in child nodes
  • Object turns off contour & feature point generation if first non-transform is an array
  • vArray duplicates children for providing cutting planes only when it has cutting planes turned on
  • Fix for bad vGrow boundary estimation
  • Improved rendering performance for complex objects with blends and micro-structure
  • Warning message provided when the user performs an inappropriate command on a sub-object
  • Message is provided when user attempts to delete an undeletable node
  • Fast interaction and interruption of rendering for complex objects
  • Streamlined generation of contours
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Fix for bounded blend operations
  • Fix for Collapse Transforms producing wrong results

Version 1.0.5 is now avaliable

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Existing users can now get the 1.0.5 update here:

New users will receive 1.0.5 when they request Symvol for Rhino:

Version 1.0.5 release includes:
New tab for control of rendering quality in the Symvol dock
Improved interaction with system while working on heavy models
Fix for loading Extrusions correctly
Fix for correct handling of all Superellpsoid cases
Command line for most operations now tells the user when the command is complete and "working"


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