Version 1.1 of Maker is now available

Added by Turlif . over 7 years ago

Existing users can now get the 1.1 update here:

New users will receive 1.1 when they request Symvol for Rhino:

Version 1.1 release includes:

  • Use of commands inline on any node (not only top level)
  • users can now add and remove operations at any level of the tree
  • vVolume command added
  • users can now calculate volume of any object to desired resolution (similar to Rhino's volume command)
  • vArray has been updated with new interface and advanced command options
  • grips are now available for GUI modification
  • added dialog switch "logical/spread"
  • it is now possible to make "shear" arrays
  • vTile now prompts the user for a rotatable plane that defines the orientation of the tiling effect
  • in order to have the unit cell/bounding box drawn/entered in the plane, Rhino limits the base of the box to the plane
  • Aliases are no longer hard coded but added to Rhino's aliases during installation
  • warning is given if an alias is taken
  • User control of vGrow by specification of a point (select no boundary and filter "on")

Additional feature updates and fixes:

  • Node visibility setting are now transferred after operations
  • vArray no longer provides cutting planes, unless "Push Contour Planes" is specifically turned on in child nodes
  • Object turns off contour & feature point generation if first non-transform is an array
  • vArray duplicates children for providing cutting planes only when it has cutting planes turned on
  • Fix for bad vGrow boundary estimation
  • Improved rendering performance for complex objects with blends and micro-structure
  • Warning message provided when the user performs an inappropriate command on a sub-object
  • Message is provided when user attempts to delete an undeletable node
  • Fast interaction and interruption of rendering for complex objects
  • Streamlined generation of contours
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Fix for bounded blend operations
  • Fix for Collapse Transforms producing wrong results