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Added by Turlif . over 7 years ago

Please feel free to use the forum to post defects, bugs, feature requests and comments on Maker. We are looking forward to hearing form you.


Added by claude decentreville over 7 years ago

hello and congrats to your approach on voxel modelling
which I'm very intersted in since years.
question: do you know about voxelmodelling?

At the moment I use to model my stuff with '3dcoat' and
then reimport retopologized geometrie into rhino.
Under Rhino I import these as obj-formats and use the
t-splines plugin / to make them into t-spline objects
to further refine them or to reduce them.

I would appreciate it very much, if you might contact the 3dcoat-people
(andrew shpagin)and talk about compatibility.

may be this can become a fertilizing relationship.

best wishes and very courious about the versions to come


Added by Turlif . over 7 years ago

Thank you for your comments. We do know about 3D Coat and think they are doing great stuff. Our system is actually not a voxel modeling system. Symvol creates contentious not discrete volumes. We do however have the ability to import voxels into our system and it maybe interesting to look at importing 3D Coat models in the future. Please add this exact feature to our feature request list in the forum.

Added by mark oseo almost 6 years ago

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