vMeshExport suggested settings

Added by Cherie . about 6 years ago

Here are instructions for using vExportMesh in Symvol to attain the correct export settings. Note it will take a few test exports to fine tune the best settings for each design.

  • X, Y and Z Precision = X, Y and Z will be the same value. This value can be determined by finding the smallest detail on the design and counting how many units it covers. For example if the smallest detail is approximately half a unit in Rhino, then the first test at export should be around .25.
  • Vertex shading - leave it set to default (true).
  • Decimation (see below for more info)
    - Mode = leave it set to default (AngleOnly)
    - Angle = 7
    - Distance = the distance should the largest area that can be considered a flat area, or an area that can be optimized. When in doubt, set it to the largest size of the bounding box. For example in the case where the bounding box is 50,50,75, use 75 for Distance.
    Aspect Ratio = 7
  • Target = STL (see below for more info)
  • Set slicing bounding box = leave it set to default (Use), unless the box is too large or small to contain the design.

Set the distance property to the same as the smallest value you use for the unit size in x,y and z OR if you want to be sure that you are not losing any detail on your model, set decimation to the same or lower than the smallest feature that you want to capture. This will increase the export time, depending on the type of model, but you should see good results.

Set the target to STL, not Mesh - unless you know the resulting mesh will fit in memory (for 32 bit systems you total memory is limited to around 4GBs). The reason is Rhino doesn't know when it pages out of memory so after waiting some minutes on the computation, Rhino could crash.