Speeding up visualization

Added by Cherie . about 6 years ago

Symvol is computationally light in memory usage but heavy in CPU usage. Therefore the more cores on your system, the faster Symvol will run. We are currently working on GPU, which will aid in speeding up Symvol.

We are computationally intensive because Symvol has been designed to provide infinite resolution, even for complex microstructures at any scale. Thus it is not going to preform in the same way you might be used to with traditional modelers. This approach also means that Symvol can be more dynamic and overall faster for various kinds of modeling needs (for example changing complex blending of a large multi-primitive object).
Tips to speed up interactive rendering while modeling:

‣ Quality Tab
In the construction graph panel, look for the Quality tab. Here you can toggle between full and preview quality and control the speed of the quality.

‣ Contours and Snapping points
If you click on the highest level node for any object in the construction graph, you can turn off contours, snapping points or profile, as long as you don't need them, or any combination that suits your needs.

Note if you turn all of these off, any viewport in Wireframe mode will display nothing.

‣ Cell size
Another way to control rendering quality versus speed is in the Tools > Options > Advanced Symvol > Cell Size. By default this is set to 2, this can be set to a larger value such as 4 which will produce faster but worse images. For sharper images, set this to 1, but note that Symvol will then be slower.