Gradient tile structure

Added by Dries Vandecruys over 6 years ago

I am really excited to be able to model with Uformia. i love the blended, fluid shapes you can get.

I am trying to make the samples you can see on the uformia website,
But i've experienced some problems doing this...
Can somebody explain me how to make gradient, (from small holes to bigger holes), tile structures??
I watched the tutorial yesterday and some people on the chatbox were guessing it was done with the Vgrow command.
I tried it today, but i get no result... it looks like nothing changed...

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RE: Gradient tile structure - Added by Turlif . over 6 years ago

vGrow applied to a vTile with a boundary made by a sphere is how such examples have been modeled (note that the boundary can be any other shape/model). Please post your model here and we can take a look at it.