Rhino v4

Added by Ted Callier almost 7 years ago

I own a Symvol Community license, not much in use yet, but with lots of good intentions.

I am perfectly happy with Rhino v4 currently, and don't see much interest in upgrading to v5. I am a v5 beta tester on OSX, but seriously, for me, there is not much interest to upgrade to v5, be it under Windows or OSX.

What are Uformia's release and support plans in regard to the imminent v5 release of Rhino ?


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RE: Rhino v4 - Added by Turlif . almost 7 years ago

Hello Skip,

Thanks for the interest in our new approach to 3D modeling. Lots of good things still to come this year (as a early user of Community you will get free copies and upgrades).

We are planing on continuing to support v4 as well as releasing a v5 version both for 32 and 64 bit. The new version of Symvol will be out this month for it's public premier.

Funny enough one of the nice useability bits from v5 for Symvol is the gumball because of our "change anything at any time" nature.


RE: Rhino v4 - Added by Sean Kenna almost 7 years ago

Hi Guys
Been using Rhino V5 now for many months .The big difference in V5 is 64bit . I would have to say the ability to use all the ram available is
a major upgrade over Rhino V4 .As Symvol moves forward I think Pro users will need the 64bit version . The Gumball is available as a plug-in for Rhino V4 from the Rhino Labs page ( see link ) http://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/rhino4labslegacy .

RE: Rhino v4 - Added by Ted Callier almost 7 years ago

Thanks, Turlif

These are good news that v4 will continue to be supported. Thank you!

Sean, not sure if the matter of design changes anything. I am in the jewelry business, and I know exactly 1 (one) person who has some models that crash Rhino. My mill is run by an old version of Mach3 on XP 32 without any update since at least 2 years. My design computer is also under XP 32, just because this machine runs stable and reliably. Ok, rendering time would certainly benefit from 64 bits. But that's about it.

This is probably a decision of lifestyle. I just refuse to fall into the "latest and greatest, bigger and better" marketing trap. Separating me from my money has never been easy ;)

I have a gumball from T-Splines. Curious to see if the T-Splines gumball works on Uformia objects.