Added by Sean Kenna over 7 years ago

I know you probably will have this covered . Will you have a way to edit Polylines
i.e. If I add fillets to polylines at present and vrevolve Rhino crashes . I must say Symvol
looks very promising .

Thanks All !

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RE: Polylines - Added by AP . over 7 years ago

Please, provide step by step description for the issue reproduction.

Polylines with fillets/arcs should not crash - please post the 3DS file with the polylines you are trying to vRev

RE: Polylines - Added by Sean Kenna over 7 years ago

Make a Polyline rectangle any size in the top viewport . In the Curve menu select Fillet Curve .
Fillet 2 edges at default settings . Then VRev in Symvol . I can crash rhino everytime .
I think this would be a great addition . See 3DM File attached . Best ! Sean

RE: Polylines - Added by Turlif . over 7 years ago

Thanks for the file and steps Sean. This is a defect that seems to be connected to your exact polyline configuration - we do allow for polylines with arcs. See the file and image attached.

Seems we did not run this basic shape as part of QA. You can get around this for now by adding an extra segment to the polyline - see attached "workaround" file.

This has been added to our critical bug list - fix is in progress.

arc_pline_example.3dm - example model using plines with arcs (33.5 KB)

Polyline_Issue_Workaround.3dm - example workaround for pline bug (366 KB)

arc_pline_example.JPG - image of pline with arcs (52 KB)