Metaball with negative influence

Added by Tim Elkær over 7 years ago

Hi Turlif
Using traditional MetaBalls in Cinema 4D or other programs it is possible to "tag" one or more of the base objects as having "negative influence" on the resulting MetaBall geometry. The effect is a repelling of all the other objects "positive influence" equal to pressing a thumb into a lump of clay. Radius and Strenght of the effect can be adjusted normally and the effect is crucial in sculpting. Could this be included as an option in the blending operations, morphing operations or boolean operations? I.e. blend/morph operand A with operand B while repelling operand C.
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RE: Metaball with negative influence - Added by AP . over 7 years ago

You could try vBlendSubtraction with removed material (negative displacement value such as -0.2). This will produce an effect similar to a negative metaball. Negative displacement is also supported in blending union and intersection. Let us know how it goes and if you have further questions.