Bulk licensing on EDU institutions

Added by Tim Elkær over 7 years ago

Hi Turlif
In order for your software to be used at EDU institutions in spring the following criteria must be met:
1) Support for multible user accounts on the same workstation.
2) Validation of licensfile based on KeyServer or a liberal attitude allowing for multible installations and another way of controling the number of concurrent licenses. Typically 25-30 of 200.
3) Support for distributed installation or a "silent installer", which does NOT require inputting individual serialnumbers or email adresses for validation. Networkcard MAC adresses are tricky.
4) No restrictions on fileformats in import/export or number of allowed saves or periods of effective use. At EDU institutions we use many different types of 2D/3D software and RP machines.
4) There might be other issues, feel free to add them to the list...
In order to be used in the Academic Year 2011-2012 the above must be implemented AND tested before christmas since additional software will typically only be installed in January/August.
Kind regards

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RE: Bulk licensing on EDU institutions - Added by AP . over 7 years ago

Thanks for your interest! We are working on this and should come up with the plan pretty soon.

RE: Bulk licensing on EDU institutions - Added by Cherie . over 7 years ago

Just to let people know, we do offer a 50% discount to all non-profits and educational institutions (faculty and students) and we do support group licensing as well. Our sales team should be contacted with any questions, and they are the ones who can provide a discount code which can be used during purchase: sales[@]uformia.com