Double reflected symmetry

Added by Tim Elkær over 7 years ago

Hi Turlif.
As mentioned at the ShapeToFabrication conference in London, I would like a special SymVol Symmetry command allowing for Axial Symmetry and Double Reflected Symmetry (in lack of a better word): (1.quadrant+4.quadrant=X), (1.quadrant+2.quadrant=Y), (1.quadrant+3.quadrant/2.quadrant+4.quadrant=Double Reflected Symmetry). Besides that Angular Symmetry would be nice, but it might be possible with a combination of Axial Symmetry and the SymVol Polar Array? The Symmetry commands should ideally work on object level AND warppoint level if possible.
I attach the image I used to explain my request. The geometry is exploring the interface between SolidWorks and Rhinoceros using T-Splines and tsElements. Attachment not allowed on iPad.
Kind regards