Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What operating systems does MeshUP run on?
  • MeshUP is a fully cross platform application - running on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • MeshUP Beta has currently only been released for 64-bit Windows 7 and up. The Mac and Linux version will follow shortly.
  • Please see these System Requirements for more information.
2. I bought a Fuel3D scanner - is this the same as MeshUP? Does MeshUP do stitching of Fuel3D scans?
  • No, MeshUP is a separate product and does not do stitching. Fuel3D and Uformia are two different companies. Fuel3D makes the scanner with Studio stitching software, and Uformia makes MeshUP modeling software.
  • If you ordered a Fuel3D scanner, you did not buy MeshUP unless you also explicitly purchased MeshUP. You bought a Fuel3D scanner, and the Studio software that comes with it.
  • You may request an Evaluation version of MeshUP which is coming soon, or purchase MeshUP. Regardless, MeshUP will not stitch together scans.
  • If you are looking for stitching of Fuel3D scans, that is a feature that is not in Uformia's MeshUP. Stitching will be in Fuel3D's Studio 2.0, and was previously in StitchUP.
  • Studio and StitchUP are supported by Fuel3D, not Uformia.
  • Please be aware that Uformia's MeshUP software does not stitch together scans, and if you are looking for stitching, you need to contact Fuel3D.

Here is an outline of the different pieces of software:


MeshUP - 3D Modeling Tool
  • This is a different application than Fuel3D's StitchUP or Studio. Uformia's MeshUP does not automatically come with the Fuel3D scanner, and MeshUP does not stitch together Fuel3D scans.
  • MeshUP is distributed and supported by Uformia.
  • This application enables volumizing mesh models, including blending and subtract features that allow sculpting of novel and complex objects.
  • MeshUP is currently available for purchase at
  • If you purchased a Fuel3D scanner, you did not automatically purchase MeshUP. You may have also purchased MeshUP at that time; if you did not explicitly purchase MeshUP, the software you are looking for that comes with your Fuel3D scanner is called Studio, and previously was called StitchUP.
  • MeshUP does not stitch together Fuel3D scans.


StitchUP - Registration & Stitching
  • This is a different application than MeshUP. It is also a separate application from Studio 1.0. StitchUP will in the future be integrated into Studio.
  • StitchUP is supported by Fuel3D, but no longer distributed with Fuel 3D's scanner. StitchUP is not distributed by Uformia.
  • This software stitches multiple scans of the same object from different angles, shot in the same session, together into one object.
  • It is not currently distributed or shipping with the scanners, as it was only available to Fuel3D beta testers.
Studio 1.0 - Scan, Crop, & Export 3D Objects
  • This is a different application than StitchUP and MeshUP. This application provides the ability to scan, crop, and export 3D data directly from the Fuel3D scanner to your computer.
  • Studio 1.0 is distributed and supported by Fuel3D, currently available for purchase packaged with the scanner.
  • This application does not have stitching, but the next version will. This is the native software that currently ships with Fuel3D's scanner, and in the future Studio 2.0 will have StitchUP integrated within.
Future Versions of Studio
  • There will be future versions of Studio, which will have StitchUP integrated.
  • Studio software including stitching features is to be distributed and supported by Fuel3D. Studio is a different application than MeshUP.
  • This application will have the features of Studio 1.0, plus StitchUP's ability to stitch scans together.
  • Studio is the only application that will stitch together Fuel3D scans. You may ask Fuel3D for the status, as Uformia does not produce Studio.